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La despedida (en inglés)

Escrito por Ana el 27/12/2011, en Vancouver - (0 Comentarios)

Today it is a sad and difficult day for me because I have to say bye to all my friends from all the world… These 5 weeks here had been wonderfull and I never forget it… THANKS VANCOUVER and thanks a lot Iliam Pavkovic, Jane Jeong Min Lee, Daniel Parreira, Patrícia Covre, Emi Amakawa, Hiro, Greenstar, Barkın Maltepeli, Maxilio, GM Felipe Vaz, the other FELIPE, Moemi Hirata, Washington Menezes Duarte, Pâmela Delgado, and all people that I had meet here…! All of you had been my family here during these days…! Let me know if you go to Spain, and PLEASE, let me know the time of the next party in Caprice. I will be there, of course!!!!!!

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